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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 16, 2009 4:16am-4:30am EST

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one of the things we don't prepare is our students for having a goal in life. you cannot arrive without a destination. and i think one of the things that we have not done is let every child believe they can achieve something and then use the educational experience toward that achievement. >> and on that point, i want to play this sound byte from the president speaking about his daughter malia. let's play it. >> there was a time a couple years ago when she came home with like an 80-something and said, i did pretty well. i said, no, no, no. our goal is 90% and up. but here's the interesting thing. she started internalizing that, so she came and she was depressed, she got a 73. and i said, well, what happened? she said, well, the teacher, the study guide didn't match up with what was on the test, so what's your idea here?
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well, you know, i'm going to start -- i've got to read the whole chapter, i'm going to change how i study and approach it. she came home yesterday and got a 95, right? high fiving. but here's the point. she said, you know, i just like having knowledge. that's what she said. >> parents matter. parents have to say we have expectations for you. >> absolutely. we all have to take responsibility. parents, teachers, principals, school board members, students themselves, most importantly, we all have toll step up. parents matter tremendously. parents are always going to be the students first teachers and the students most important teachers. that's never going to change. parents have to be full unequal partners with teachers.
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when that happens, great things happen with children. when that doesn't happen, when the adults fight and decision function, guess what, children lose. >> i actually wouldn't agree with the national curriculum, and there's a reason. i think if anything we need ore empower school boards and local communities. the challenge of a break through in detroit where you have several generations without adequate parenting, you have several generations without adequate employment, trying to break through there, the first thing the kids have to learn is they have a future because they currently have a self-image that says, why would i learn anything? i have no future anyway. that's fundamentally different. >> that's a self-imposed image. i think parents matter and as we have toured, i've held parents accountability. we go to schools with 10,000 kids and few parents at the meetings. there's no excuse for that. the rest of the community must be that parent. we must preach, we must instill and tell them that they have the expectation of achievement. i never knew i was underprivileged until i got to college. when i got to brooklyn college, they said if you come out of a single home, food stamps n the projects, you were
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underprivileged. didn't know that because my mother, my pastor, my community didn't raise me to believe i was underprivileged. >> i'm going to make that the last word. good luck. we'll keep asking questions and stay on top of this. a programming note on education, our friends at msnbc's "morning joe" are going to new orleans this friday broadcasting live from the john mcdaniel high school to kick off the brewing together day of service and partnership with starbucks stressing the importance of education as they reach out to a school still reeling from hurricane katrina. that's coming up this friday from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. on msnbc. up next, our "meet the press minute," this morning president obama lands in china. back in 1976, then cia director and former u.s. envoy to china george h.w. bush appears on this program to try to explain china's controversial invitation to a former president and impeached richard nixon on only "meet the press." we have at least half a dozen relationships,
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we are back with our "meet the press minute." president obama arrives in china this morning for his first visit there. back in 1972, president richard nixon became the first u.s. president to visit that country taking a major step between normalizing the two. four years later after the watergate scandal and nixon's impeachment and resignation, they invited the u.s. president back to their country, an invitation that didn't sit well because it was seen as a slight against president ford. then the former envoy to china, george h.w. bush appeared here on "meet the press" back on february 22nd, 1976. he was asked about the controversial invitation. >> from your experience as head of the liaison mission in peking, why did they invite him to go there? >> i was thinking of that coming over in the car. they do have a thing there they call friends of china and it is people from all walks of life, no formality to it, but it is an
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expression used. and in four months in china, we heard over and over again president nixon was a friend of china. there was a certain nostalgia connected with the timing of the visit because it was four years ago to this day or yesterday, i guess, that he went there. and then i would say there's an additional point that the chinese recognize in former president nixon. somebody who presented to them our national self-interest but also they saw somebody in him very understanding of the threat in the world. and, you know, they -- the president's visit was successful and i think that this visit on a very different private basis is good. i think they believe in our relationship. they want a good relationship with the united states. >> you say you think that the visit is good and you spoke of
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similar bombs, but, of course, some in this country -- some in this country may see a different symbol. he's a president disgraced, left office, received a pardon for any and all crimes he may have committed and accepted the pardon. do they understand what that means in the country and. >> i don't think they understand it. please don't put me down as i'm trying to answer questions based on my experience in china. they say watergate makes no difference. i mean, they actually quote, that could be a direct quote. it is awful close to it. so you see, they aren't dwelling on water gate. we can argue and there's plenty of room for opinion and i have my own personal opinion that i don't plan to divulge to you about how i feel about it, but i'm telling you how the chinese feel about it. >> he went on 13 years later to become the 41st president of the united states. this week his son, the 43rd, made his first post-presidency public appearance in texas. he announced plans for a public policy arm of his forthcoming presidential library at smu. the george w. bush policy institute will focus on education, political health,
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